Long name, simple idea. If you've making a granny squares blanket with a whole lot of yarn and a few colors per square, chances are you're having some trouble trying to make it look random.

I present to you a randomizer for granny squares that attempts to spread out your yarn colors and weights. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.


Blankets are now printable! Generate one, print it. If you want to save a blanket, log in first, then create your blanket. You'll have the option to save.

For more details about the latest updates, visit my blog.

March 4, 2014: The IE 11 issue with picking colors should now be resolved!


First, let's gather some info about the blanket as a whole. How many square wide is it? How tall? How many colors per square?


Now for each yarn in your pile of available yarn: